MCI organize a meeting to raise the culture of achievement and implementation

16 Nov 2016
​The Ministry of Trade and Investment, represented by The Vision Realization Office hosted a meeting on Sunday for the Saudi Vision 2030 Council of the application with HE the Malaysian minister Mr. Idris Jala, CEO of the Center for achievement and rapid intervention in Malaysia.
This meeting aimed to raise the culture of progress among the members of the implementation council and inform them about the best experiences applied in the states, one of which and the most important is the Malaysian experience.  In addition to discussing how to overcome the difficulties that hamper the vision implementation plans and the best practices to apply.
Malaysian minister gave a detailed explanation of the Malaysian experience and how the Malaysian Achievement Center and rapid intervention team was able to overcome all the difficulties they faced through knowing the problem, define the causes and work to resolve it as soon as possible.
The Malaysian Minister Mr. Jala also discussed the importance of promptness in completing the work, pointing out that the delay or procrastination is a major fault that would cause undesired results.
The meeting had several interventions from participants who raised their questions to the Malaysian expert.
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