MCI, Up Till Now, No Government Support has been Adopted yet for the Project of " Shahid " for Cars Industry

16 Apr 2014
​An official source at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry says that concerning the Car Factory Project, which was announced yesterday, Tuesday 15/05/1435 under the name of Shahid  Global Cars Factory, and to give some clarifications and answers to some questions, we can say that the project has not been adopted or allocated any land or government support yet. The project has already been given a preliminary license only by the Ministry to do the necessary studies. This license does not entitle the company to collect money from people for the project, and that there are a number of statutory procedures that must be followed in this regard.
MCI emphasizes that it is very interested in the development of the automotive industry, and that this type of industry, the volume of production and investment in question needs early and careful coordination with the state represented by the authorities sponsoring the industry, because they are big projects and need a thorough assessment before they are eligible to take advantage of the government incentives available for the industrial projects.
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