15 Sep 2022

The Ministry of Commerce has invited fresh graduates having relevant degrees and specializations to apply for the advertised posts included in the Regulations of Administrative Posts by Contract. 

The posts will be contract-based as set out in the Implementing Regulation of Human Resources for Civil Service. Interested applicants may apply via the Electronic Recruitment System "Jadarah +" at the following link: (​)

There are 58 announced vacant positions and are broken down as follows for both men and women:

​Number of posts 

Firstly:  Application time and date: 

Applications must be submitted via the Electronic Recruitment System "Jadarah +". Submission begins at 12:00 am on Tuesday 24/02/1444 H and ends at 12:00 pm on Saturday 28/02/1444. 

Secondly:  How to apply 

1. Accessing via he Electronic Recruitment System “Jadarah +”
2. Information entered must be accurate. If there is any discrepancy, an objection is submitted and reviewed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development personnel. Click the icon for the job announcements if the information is correct. Any non-conforming application will not be considered for nomination. 
3. Indicate your desire to access the job announcement by checking the box in the application.
4. Choose one of the announced posts and save the application. 

Thirdly:  Targeted segments and general conditions and requirements 

1. For percentages of 50% and greater, the highest GPA will be nominated.
2. When the points gained during the personal interview are equal, the most recent graduate will be nominated. 
3. The Aptitude Test is a requirement for applying for the announced posts. 
4. For applicants having degrees from outside the Kingdom, an equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education is required.
5. All announced positions require a personal interview. The applicants with the highest points will be invited to more than one interview.
6. Personal interviews will be used to match candidates' data. If the data differs or the candidate has not passed the personal interview, he or she will be eliminated.
7. The final nomination will be made once the data and the results of interviews have been finalized.

Fourthly: General notes: 

1. The Electronic Recruitment System "Jadarah +” website ( provides instructions and tips for submitting the form. There are FAQs and detailed information on how to fill out each field of the form. Jadarah emphasizes the significance of reading the instructions described before beginning to fill out the form in order to avoid making mistakes that may impact the nomination stage.
2. The applicant is solely responsible for the information provided in the Jadarah System, even if the supplied data is incorrect when compared to the supporting documents and results in disqualification at any of the hiring phases.
3. The names of nominated candidates will be posted on the Ministry of Commerce's website. As a result, candidates must follow up and visit the website's electronic portal.

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Last Modified 26 Sep 2022