MCI, Conclusion of a Workshop on the Kingdom`s Trade Policies Review within the Framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

16 Jun 2015
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry Concluded the workshop on the Mechanism of the Kingdom`s Trade Policies Review within the framework of the World Trade Organization WTO. This is in cooperation among the World Trade Services Center and the Department of Trade Negotiations in the Ministry and the World Trade Organization, which was held in Riyadh on Sunday, 27.08.1436 H, with the participation of WTO experts and the employees of 35 government agencies, concerned with K.S.A. trade policies, in terms of formulation or applications.
The mechanism of reviewing the trade policies procedures was highlighted within the framework of the World Trade Organization, as well as the topics referred to in the WTO Secretariat, also the government report, and the time frame of the review. Bilateral meetings will be held among the concerned government employees and WTO experts to draft a report of the WTO Secretariat on the Kingdom`s trade policies, and to clarify some information and data which had already been sent to WTO.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia had conducted the first trade policies review on 4th, January, 2012 AD. Notably, the kingdom joined the World Trade Organization on 11 December 2005 AD, and became the member No. (149). This is the second review of the Kingdom`s trade policies for the period from January 2012 AD, to December 2015 AD.

Based on transparency, MCI is seeking, with the rest of the relevant government agencies, to apply the Kingdom`s commitments, undertaken during joining the World Trade Organization, and also seeks to ensure and defend the trade interests of K.S.A. within the framework of the WTO and the World Trade Agreements.
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