MCI, Promising Investment Opportunities for the Private Sector in the Field of Private Laboratories

15 Apr 2015
Confirmed their Contribution in the Control Activation and Raise the Level of Goods Quality in the Local Market
MCI has called on all the companies and institutions to invest in private laboratories to contribute to the activation of control and raise the quality of the goods in the local markets, the Ministry confirmed its support for the expansion of establishing laboratories, due to their importance in the field of control and for creating promising investment opportunities. MCI indicates the growing need of the market for such service, since it is a check path for various goods and commodities, in addition to its economic feasibility, also it is considered a support for the national economy, and contributes to the creation of job opportunities for the citizens.

The Ministry has pointed out that the total number of private laboratories obtaining final licenses reached sixty-two in various regions of the Kingdom. Forty-five of them have been asked to check and test various consuming commodities, indicating at the same time that the diversity and multiplicity of laboratory fields would contribute to raise the quality of goods in the domestic market.

It is worth mentioning that there are various kinds of private laboratories doing the following functions, testing construction and plumbing materials, testing and inspection of oil vehicle and automotive spare parts, calibration of gasoline and diesel pumps, determining octane type, including as well other fields, such as testing and examining gold, precious stones and metals, examining household utensils, furniture, plastics, leather and shoes
MCI calls on all investors who wish to obtain an initial license to visit its website through the link: For more information, please call the Business Services Centre No. 920 000 667.

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