MCI, Enhancing Control on Electronic Stores Discount Licenses

14 Apr 2019


AS Part of the Initiatives for Stimulating E-Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has confirmed the continuation of enhancing and following up the discounts of e-stores in various parts of the Kingdom.MCI stresses the importance of issuing the licenses for discounts through E-Discount System, which can be accessed online through the following link (, without the need to attend any of MCI branches.
As part of the mechanisms to enhance the control on discounts or sales, MCI has organized and held several workshops for e-stores, registered with the Ministry, to introduce the mechanisms for making discounts or sales. This is considered as part of the initiatives of E-Commerce Enhancing Program, associated with the National Transformation Program for the realization of the Kingdom's Vision. This program includes 39 initiatives, followed-up by E-Commerce Council, aiming to consolidate and unify the efforts of the relevant government agencies, besides creating a stimulating environment for e-commerce, as well as providing the necessary protection for e-commerce transactions against fraud, deception, and manipulation.
The E-Store Discount System aims to document and regulate the sales at the e-stores, as well as increasing control on products and goods subject of sales, besides raising the consumer and seller confidence, also facilitate business access to sale licenses.
This initiative comes as an extension of the automation processes, based on the Improvement of Services launched by the Ministry to serve consumers and traders, also to facilitate business and stimulate the investment environment, in cooperation with its strategic partner, Thiqa Business Services Co.
MCI calls on e-stores to submit their application for sales licenses as soon as possible. This is to document their sales and to avail of the new service. Consumers can report any irregularities and lodge their complaints through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900) or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report.

Last Modified 15 Apr 2019