During the Last Five Days, MCI Carried out 2243 Inspection Tours on Two-Riyal Shops, 14 Thousand Commodities Seized and 200 Violation Notice Issued

14 Apr 2018
This is within a Comprehensive Field Campaign in all Regions of the Kingdom
MCI field inspection campaign on Two-Riyal, Five-Riyal and Ten-Riyal Shops resulted in carrying out 2243 inspection tours, seizing and confiscating 14,000 fake goods, and issuing 200 violation notice. The owners were summoned by MCI for taking the necessary legal penalties against them, in accordance with the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, where offering any fake and counterfeit products is considered a violation that requires a fine of up to one million riyals or imprisonment for up to three years or both, besides the defamation against the violators in the local newspapers.

The violations included non-compliance with the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, as well as forging registered trademarks, failure to place a price tag on the products, non-disclosure of trade data of the goods, non-issuance of purchase invoices, the invoices are not written in Arabic, also violations related to the Commercial Data System and the Commercial Registration.

The seizures included many consuming goods and electrical appliances such as connections, chargers, plugs non-conforming to standard specifications, detergents, cosmetics, accessories, hardware, sunglasses, children toys, etc.

Through this intensive inspection campaign covering all regions of the Kingdom, the Ministry aims to control and seize all fake and sub-standard goods, and all products that are not conforming to the approved standard specifications.

The Ministry has announced earlier this week  the start of its inspection and control campaign on outlets of reduced goods, as per strict plan, based on monitoring and investigation of the sources of counterfeited and fake products, that are contrary to the approved standard specifications, following the method of a "Concealed Consumer", who is doing shopping on purpose to collect information about the sources of such fake goods and products.

MCI field inspection teams, in various regions of the Kingdom, have worked to collect information and do the necessary investigation to seize the products in violation, through using the Procedural Guide of Inspectors, which includes the specifications of products and commodities available in the markets.

MCI would like to affirm that it will not hesitate to take stern measures and to impose the legal penalties against any establishment that offers counterfeit or fake goods. The Ministry calls on all consumers to lodge their complaints and observations through MCI Consumer Call Center "1900" or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the Ministry’s official website.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018