MCI Shut Down a Pharmacy Involved in the Sale of Corrupted Infant Formula and Medicines in Hafer Al Batin

14 Apr 2014

​The Control Teams Seized More than 4 thousand Displayed and Hidden Lotions in the Warehouse of the Manipulated Pharmacy 

MCI has been carrying out the inspection tours in various regions of the Kingdom. Therefore, the Control Field Teams had closed a Pharmacy for marketing and selling expired and rotten infant formula, medicines, medical lotions and cosmetics in Hafer Al Batin. The estimated quantity is more than 6 thousand packets, where they were confiscated immediately, and the pharmacy`s owner was summoned for investigation and taking the legal procedures against him.
During their inspection work, the Control Teams seized more than 4 thousand pharmaceutical and cosmetic products unfit for the human use including: 218 expired infant formula cans and displaying 75 expired medicines for sale .
A depot inside the manipulative pharmacy was detected, and 3000 medicines and medical lotions were found as well as 382 infant formula cans, where they had been confiscated immediately.
During the inspections of the site, it had been found out that some of the quantities that were confiscated included expired cosmetics since 2011.
This comes as a continuation of the Ministry's efforts to control all the commercial establishments, to check the quality of the offered goods, to prevent the harmful goods from reaching the consumers and to apply the necessary procedures against those involved.
MCI emphasizes that it will not tolerate with those who promote for expired or fake  goods, especially that threaten the health and safety of the consumer.
MCI calls on all consumers to report cases of fraud and counterfeiting through the Report Center of the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018