A Convention of Cooperation Program Between MCI and the General Authority of Quality Control in the People Republic of China

14 Mar 2014

​This convention aims at protecting the consumers from fake, adulterated and shoddy goods, and to punish the  involved importers and exporters

In the framework of the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince and Minister of Defense, Deputy Prime Minister to the People Republic of China, a convention for  cooperation program is signed today between the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Saudi Arabia and the General Authority of Quality Control in China under the auspices of His Highness and Vice-President of the  People Republic of China, it is signed by H.E. Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH  , and the Chinese side by H.E. Dr. Jie Shopping.
This agreement aims at protecting the Saudi consumers by limiting the flow of counterfeit and imitative goods to the markets of Saudi Arabia and by taking several measures, including:


  • Develop a black list of the names of the merchants and factories in both countries that are engaged in adulteration, imitating and copying  the  products and guarantee not to enable those involved from importing or exporting to the other country.
  • Develop a black list of laboratories and parties  awarded certificates of conformity,  in violation of the local regulations, and those who are involved in the trading of counterfeit or adulterated goods.
  • Punish the importers who are involved in the fraud and counterfeiting in the country of import and notify the other party to punish the exporter and manufacturer.
  • Exchange of information on the results of the laboratories and donors of Conformity Certificates that are contrary to reality.
  • Exchange meetings between the parties to follow up the implementation of the terms of the agreement very carefully and accurately.
This agreement comes as a result of the efforts carried out by MCI to enhance the Saudi consumer protection through  signing of international memoranda of understanding , and holding bilateral meetings to combat shoddy goods and to ensure providing after-sales service,  and to verify the fulfillment of the guarantees by manufacturers.
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