launched by MCI and Ministry of Justice, Authentication Services and Booking Appointments Electronically

13 Apr 2015
This would contribute in reducing the Routine Steps, Documenting the Corporate Contracts and Integrating the Procedures of Establishing Companies

In cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Justice, MCI has launched a new electronic service for beneficiaries who are interested in authenticating the contracts of establishing companies, represented in the electronic documentation at the notary, where it is possible now to make electronic documentation for contracts, inclusion of the required documents by the notary. In addition, the partners can choose a suitable time to come automatically. This is done through the electronic contracts establishment via MCI website. This would facilitate the service mechanisms, reducing the routine procedures and increasing the achievement standard.

This comes within the development of electronic and direct link of systems between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry   , where the Notary would have the authority of direct e-documentation of contracts and any other related amendments, while the electronic systems between the two sides would be updated under the electronic contract number, without the need for any paper work at the notary.

It is scheduled to enable the beneficiaries of this service also to attach the documents required by the notary, such as attorney, instruments and other documents through MCI website, these documents would be viewed and downloaded by the notary directly, so the beneficiaries do not need to come and submit their papers by hand.

The electronic authentication service aims at saving contracts and files via the electronic archiving, and thus raise the quality of service, this is within a permanent and ongoing pursuit between MCI and the Ministry of Justice to develop the regulations, raising the level of e-government   services to contribute in accelerating the economic development in the kingdom within the overall development plans.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018