MCI Obliges Shops to Display Price Tags, Launches Campaign under the Motto: Know Your Right…Don't Ask How Much?

12 Mar 2013
MCI embarks on a new consumer targeting awareness campaign, under the motto: Know your right…don't ask how much? In order that consumer would know the price, in an obvious and transparent way, as a defending move against any fraud, cheat or snaky way in displaying various prices for the same commodity to different consumers.
The campaign falls in line with the program of: Know Your Right, which includes several awareness diffusing messages to support consumer, backed up by field inspecting tours, as MCI continues exerting efforts to consolidate the principle among consumer and tradesman, alike.
In this regard, MCI stressed that all shops, trading facilities and selling spots, at all levels, should abide by putting price tags on all displayed items, pointing out that it will go on offensive as of 1/6/1434 AH, through in-field inspecting tours to report offending shops, to the Commercial Data Law, which compels all trading facilities, at all levels, to show the price on any displayed product.
The law stipulates punishing offenders to a fine of SR 100,000.
MCI called on, along with the campaign, all shops and selling spots, to strictly abide by putting price tag on the items, in clear and readable Arabic, indicating realized merits and advantages of them to all trading parties, as they commit to it. It exhorted all consumers to, fully, cooperate in carrying out with this move, by reporting any offending shop, that does not abide by showing price tag on its displayed items, immediately, following 1/6/1434.
MCI center for consumer's reports' phone no. 800 124 6161, or any other smart venue, may be contacted or used to report offends.
Noteworthy, MCI has previously launched a host of similar campaigns, that proved to be effective and productive in redressing markets as well as guaranteeing consumer's rights, such as: I set him free…only to put my hands in handcuffs, relating to awareness of the risks of the crime of issuing bounced cheques, avoiding tip-giving at restaurants "serving charges" campaign, another one of: We are Proud of our Language, focusing on vouchering in Arabic and a campaign of Returning deformed sold items.
Pls., view the campaign related video-tape:
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