Real Estates' Schemes to Remit 62% of Equity to "Jauharat Al-Sharq" Subscribers

11 Feb 2013
​MCI Real Estates' Schemes Committee will begin today, remitting equity to the accounts of subscribers in "Jauharat Al-Sharq Scheme", in all banks, with a rate of profit of 62 per cent.
The committee pointed out that following checking up of commitments accrued on the scheme, it concluded that the dischargeable amounts to subscribers, comprises stakes in the capital as well as a rate of profit of 62 per cent.
However, the Committee will continue to demand the owner to pay all accrued amounts at his dispose, in order to be refunded to the subscribers.
Last week, the Committee has announced that the expected initial rate of profit is 65 per cent, prior to endorsing the final report of the chartered accountant, which explain the exact dischargeable percentage, following deducting claims and debts of the aforementioned scheme, ensued of the costs of partial development, marketing and financial obligations, accredited by the chartered accountant.
Secretariat General of the committee exhorted all subscribers, who are yet to update their data, to do that, as quickly as possible, at branches of Bank Al-Bilad, across the Kingdom, holding their IDs and all original documents proving their rights, in addition to updating their IBAN at other banks, in order to hasten refunding their dues.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018