Minister of Trade and Investment launches an E-Portal for the Saudi contractors

10 Nov 2016
Allowed the employees of the construction sector in Saudi Arabia to register to promote and upgrade the field
The Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi Inaugurated an E-portal for the Saudi contractors "Muqawil" at the ministry this morning. The portal provide the electronic services for employees of the construction sector in the Kingdom and facilitate their procedures.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Osama Bin Hassan Al Afaleq, and members of the Commission, Dr. Ahmed bin Othman AL-Qasabi, the engineer Mr.Yasser bin Abdul Aziz Hagbani, and the Secretary General of the Commission the engineer Mr. Thabit bin Mubarak Al Sweden.  

His Excellency the Minister of trade and investment and stressed the importance of the E-Portal for the construction sector in the kingdom and its role in promoting, organization and contributing to its development. HE wished the Board of Directors of the Authority success in achieving the goals and aspirations to develop the construction sector and lay the foundations and standards relating to it and upgrading, develop and raise the level of the employees of this profession
The E-Portal "Muqawil" will be the official platform of the authority to provide all electronic services for its employees, and allowed them to register to be authorized by the authority. The E- portal also provides a database for all registered contractors in the authority containing the names, addresses and profiles of the companies and organizations registered, all that to facilitate the search for the wanted information. Also, the E- portal will provide the feature of the meetings' attaining conformation and display all the authorities' activities. You can visit the E-portal using the following link:​
It should be noted that the Saudi Authority of contractors is formed by the decision of the Council of Ministers, to organize the government agencies and advise them to contract only with the member contractors. Also, it aims to develop the mechanisms that ensure the participation of contractors which include the requirements and specifications.
Among the most prominent powers of the Saudi Contractors Authority to lay the foundations and standards related to the sector and develop it, and represent the area in the committees and bodies, trade , and at relevant international unions, in addition to collect all the information and statistics relevant, and to inform the employees of the sector about the regulations, decisions and instructions related to the sector.

It also included the establishment of construction sector information indicators for the prices of building materials and the wages of contractors and the electronic record that includes interactive data on the contractor and his specialty and past projects, to enable the public to display the rate of satisfaction with the performance of the contractor. 

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