"MCI" raise the number of the inspection tours in Mina

10 Sep 2016
Supervising the entry of refrigerators and the confirmation of the food supplies quantities 
The Ministry of Trade and Investment inspection teams raised the number of the field tours on Saturday, with the arrival of pilgrims to Mina to spend Attarwiah (watering) day.

The inspection teams are touring around the clock to verify that the food supplies stocks are enough to provide for the pilgrims. Also, they monitor the shops, booths, and food trucks to confiscation any food commodities that are expired or not in conformity with the specification. All those efforts are within the framework of the ministry's keenness to care for the health and safety of the pilgrims. It is worth motioning that a team of Saudi Scouts is participating in the inspection tours around Mina.

The Ministry of trade and investment declare that the inspection activities will continue on all kinds of sell points, and emphasize that there will be no tolerance for anyone or anything that will compromise the safety and the health of the pilgrims. It also urges everyone to contact the consumer call center if there is any complaints or reports, using the unified number 1900 or through "Commercial Report" smartphone application.​

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018