MCI Coordinates with Cement Companies to Import 6 Million Tons, in 2013

10 Jun 2013
​New Imported Shipments at Kingdom Seaports, to Back up Market Stability

MCI has stricken a deal with cement companies, to provide the local market with six million tons of cement, before
the end of this year, in order to guarantee the availability of this vital commodity and in accordance with the
declared price, all over the Kingdom.
As many as 1.218 million generic and in sack cement, have, already arrived in the seaports and other crossings, a
fact that contributed to the stable supply of the market and meeting of increasing demand of emerging projects.
Other quantities' shipments are expected to arrive, soon, for more back up for the supply side.
MCI closely follows up  the commodity's availability, in regard of production, imported quantities and checking
abidance by the set prices or any violations related to overpricing, in order to deter the offenders, including
fining them.
On field presence of MCI staff rounds to inspect the market, across the Kingdom, is heavily contributing to the sound
and solid stability of cement market, Kingdom-wide. 
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018