MCI Raiding Two-Riyal Shops in all Regions of the Kingdom

10 Apr 2018
Investigations Carried out to Trace the Sources of Counterfeit Goods, using the method of a "Hidden Consumer"
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has launched today a large field raids on outlets and distributors of goods and products at tow-Riyal, Five-Riyal, Ten-Riyal shops. MCI aims to control the counterfeit, fake and substandard products and commodities at these shops, then to refer the institutions in violation to the Public Prosecution for taking the legal procedures against the violators, according to Anti-Commercial Fraud Law.

MCI inspection tours included all the regions and governorates of the Kingdom. Notably, this is the largest and the most comprehensive campaign on such shops, in the Ministry's history.

Before the implementation of this inspection and control campaign, MCI had been tracing, monitoring and investigating the sources of counterfeited and fake goods, which are in violation of the approved standard specification. MCI inspection teams used the method of a "Hidden Consumer" who is shopping from these stores on purpose of proving the sources of such fake goods and products.

MCI field inspection teams have collected information and data from various regions of the Kingdom to detect and seize the fake products, using the Procedural Guide for Inspectors, which includes the specifications of products and commodities offered in the markets.

MCI would like to confirm that it will not hesitate to take stern measures against the establishments that offer any counterfeit or fake goods. The Ministry calls on all consumers to lodge their complaints and observations through MCI Consumer Call Center "1900" or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the official website of the Ministry.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018