26 Accounts in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were blocked by MCI for Promoting Counterfeit and Fake Commodities

10 Jan 2016
20 Thousand Advertisements for Products and Consuming Items were monitored by MCI in the Social Networking Sites
MCI teams, specialized in combating commercial counterfeiting and fraud in the websites and social networks, had blocked 26 accounts in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for violating the trademarks system, through a special mechanism followed by the Ministry.

MCI monitored that such accounts had made twenty thousand advertisements of fake and adulterated products for trademarks registered with the Ministry, which is a clear violation of abusing the sites for marketing and promotion of counterfeit products, also it is a clear violation of the Intellectual Property Rights.

By blocking these accounts, the Ministry has protected more than million visitors of these accounts from being victims of scam or getting counterfeit or adulterated products.

MCI calls on all consumers to avoid communicating with those types of unlicensed sites, which promote counterfeit goods. This is for the preservation of consumers` rights, in addition to preventing the communication with those irregular sites.​

It is worth mentioning that all the unlicensed and suspicious sites lack a licensed trade name or an address. Communication with such sites is done through “WhatsApp”, and connection with those sites does not rely entirely on licensed companies, but tend to unidentified drivers.
MCI would follow up and pursue the distributors of counterfeit and fake goods and it would prevent marketing such items through the social networking and websites.

MCI also emphasizes that it will not tolerate in imposing the legal measures on offenders and those involved in the practice of fraud and counterfeiting, and all that put the health and safety of consumers at risk. This is for the safety of goods and products against any fraud or counterfeiting, and to keep the consumer away from any harm.​
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018