MCI Invites those Interested to Express their Views on a Draft Resolution Regulating the Activity of Debt Collection and the Behavior of Collection

09 Jul 2014
Based on, the Resolution of the Ministry of Commerce No. (397) dated 28/04/1408 AH regarding the activity of collecting debts on behalf of the others, and in order to enhance the role of the Ministry's control over the activity of debt collection, and to enhance the chances of collecting debts, and to reduce the unfair behaviors in the collection process, the Ministry has prepared a draft resolution regulating the activity of debt collection and the behavior of collection, after studying the global best practices in this regard, in line with the local environment. 

The Ministry would like to solicit the views of those interested about the draft resolution before the date of 11/10/1435 AH. 
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018