Ministry of Commerce runs over 4,000 inspection visits last month to clamp down on concealment practices within entities

09 Apr 2022


The Ministry of Commerce's monitoring teams conducted in March 4,844 on-site inspection visits to businesses suspected of violating the Anti-Concealment Law.
The visits covered all regions of the Kingdom and were carried out in coordination and collaboration with 20 government agencies, based on data analysis and artificial intelligence indicators.  

The required legal procedures were taken against the suspects in order to inflict penalties in accordance with the Anti-Concealment Law's requirements. 

The field visits focused on various sectors and economic activities, including food supplies, laundries and hair salons, auto parts shops, maintenance and aluminum repair shops, battery sales outlets, fabric, furniture, apparel and luxury stores, and shops specializing in the sale of cosmetics, gifts and luxurious goods. 

The Ministry of Commerce sends infringing business owners to the appropriate authorities for the imposition of statutory penalties in accordance with the Anti-Concealment Law. Penalties can include a five-year prison sentence, a five-million-riyal fine, and the seizure and confiscation of illegitimate funds after final judicial decisions have been issued against perpetrators. 

Consequential legal penalties include the shutdown of the business, the liquidation of the activity, the revocation of the commercial register, the prohibition from engaging in commercial activity, the payment of Zakat, duties, and taxes, and the deportation of persons involved in concealment practices and not permitting them to return to the Kingdom for work. 

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Last Modified 11 Apr 2022