Real Estate Committee to Review Bids to Buy Kunuz Jeddah Scheme, on Monday

09 Jan 2013

​MCI Real Estate Committee will review on Sunday 1/3/1434 corresponding to 13/1/2013, on bids for the direct selling of Kunuz Jeddah scheme plot, in Jeddah, as it has announced it as the closing deadline to receive bids to buy prior to announce the winner, on Monday, under the chairmanship of Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH, the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

 Secretary General of the Committee Dr. Hamza bin Abdulaziz Al-Askar, pointed out that the committee has opened began receiving bids for direct buying, following the failure to sell it through auction held by it, during last Ramadan, as bids fell short of fixed fair price for the scheme plot.

 Kunuz Jeddah is a unique scheme approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, with a size of Sq. m.500,000, situated in the South of Jeddah at the beginning of Jeddah Southern Corniche, giving to the sea, featuring a 100 per cent plain land and surrounded by main roads with width of 60 m. to the West as well as 32 m. both to the North and the East and  30m to the South.

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