MCI Destroys 7200 Rotten Foodstuffs' Units, in Riyadh

08 Jul 2013
​On the eve of Ramadan inspection Rounds
Inspections teams of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, have, recently, seized and destroyed as many as 7200 units of spoiled and expired food product units, in the wholesales' shops, in Riyadh marketplaces. The teams fined the offenders, on the spot.
On the advent of Ramadan, the fasting as well as the high season of consumption, some shops are betting on selling off their stocks of non-valid foodstuffs, at very low and cheap prices, a fact that is monitored by the teams.
One of the clues leading to make the rounds a success, is consumers' stampede to snatch the cheap priced foodstuffs. Following testing their quality and dates of production, the teams exposed the tricks.
Among confiscated as destroyed products were cheese, milk, sweet and sour, beans, other legumes and some nuts and foods, closely related to Ramadan.
On the other hand, MCI reaffirmed, it will continue with such inspection round, in marketplaces, warehouses and installations to guarantee malpractices' free markets.
MCI calls on the public to report their remarks and complaints to reports' center at MCI: 800 124 1616.
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