15th OIC Trade Fair Kicks off in Riyadh on May, 22.2016 AD, Under the Kind Patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

08 May 2016
​Organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment Authority with the Participation of more than 30 of OIC Member States
Under the kind patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the capital city Riyadh will host the 15th Trade Fair of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Member States,  organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the Investment Authority in Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the OIC, the Islamic Center for Development of Trade (ICDT) and the Council of Saudi Chambers, to be held at Riyadh International Convention Center and Exhibition, King Abdullah Rd, during the period 15-19. 08.1437 H Corresponding to 22 – 26.05.2016 AD.
The main goal of the said Trade Fair is to introduce the products, industries and services of the OIC member states, as well as to raise the level of trade exchange and to promote the investment opportunities among the member states, also to deepen cooperation in various economic fields among the member states, along with to define and familiarize the investment opportunities in trade and economy in the hosting country and to give chance of meeting OIC businessmen and investors, besides opening new markets for the products and industries of the participating countries, in addition to promote the trade and investment between OIC member States and the hosting country.

It is worth mentioning that the OIC Trade Fair is held every two years in one of the Islamic countries. This session will witness the participating of more than 30 Islamic countries including: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, Sudan, Mauritania, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Turkmenistan, and other OIC countries.

The Saudi Pavilion, which is the largest and to be located on 1050 m2, will top the 15th OIC Trade Fair. It contains various goods and products made by K.S.A., where the non-oil exports have reached to more than 100 countries in the world, with a trade balance of more than SR 200 billion annually.

This OIC Trade Fair gives the businessmen and commercial institutions many opportunities for cooperation in the private sector in various fields, such as finding new markets for the products and services, establishing  joint ventures, providing funding for bilateral trade , identifying the available opportunities for cooperation in industrial projects and expanding the trade exchange among OIC member states.

The OIC Trade Fair will witness the participation of a number of trade sectors and activities, namely: building, construction, infrastructure, alternative and renewable energy, oil, gas, mineral resources and related services, services, equipment, medicines, furniture and home furnishings, agriculture, food, water desalination and related services, electrical appliances, household tools, industrial equipment, machinery, cars, factory machines, machines, textiles, garments, cosmetics, perfumes, tourism, therapeutic and educational services.

The OIC Trade Fair is targeting the participation of the owners and boards of directors chairmen of the major Saudi companies and factories, as well as the owners and managers of establishments and companies participating in such sectors and activities, also the leading importers, investors and businessmen inside the Kingdom, together with the directors of marketing, sales and public relations in the government and private sectors across the Kingdom.

The 15th OIC Trade Fair is sponsored by the Saudi Post, Almarai company, Kingdom Holding Company, Zainal Inc., Saudi Research and Marketing Group, Assir Inc. for Trading & Tourism and Jabal Omar Inc..
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