Within 60 Days, 6 million Counterfeit Items Seized by MCI Inspection Teams, responding to 129 thousand complaints and detecting 4 thousand violations

08 Mar 2018
During January and February 2018, MCI inspection teams seized 6 million counterfeit and fake products, detected 4,000 violations and 212 cases were referred to the Public Prosecution for taking the legal procedures, then to be referred to the judicial authorities to issue the final judgment against the offenders.

During the same period, MCI inspectors carried out more than 12,000 inspection tours, including warehouses, commercial centers, markets and outlets, in addition to Petrol Stations and Gas Cylinder Outlets in various parts of the Kingdom to verify the regularity of their work and to eradicate any sub-standard products and to protect the consumers against any fake items.

In the last two months, MCI received 129 thousand complaints through Consumer Call Center (1900), and through the application of a Commercial Violation Report and via MCI website. All reports and complaints were followed up and closed in record time, some cases were referred to the competent authorities for taking the necessary action.

The seizures included 3 million fake electric products, 400 thousand fake cosmetics, 42,000 cosmetics in violation, being promoted at the “Instagram” website, in addition to 120,000 fake mobile phones and accessories, also 26 thousand counterfeit “Vex” packets and 17 tons of honey of unknown origin.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment would like to confirm taking all necessary precautions, in cooperation with government agencies, including the security authorities under the supervision of the Joint Operations Room for Consumer Protection, to ensure rapid intervention in various regions of the Kingdom, to carry out the inspection tours and respond to consumers’ complaints round the clock. MCI branches in various regions are endeavoring to monitor and control any irregular practices, and take the legal procedures against the offenders.

MCI calls on all consumers to cooperate and lodge their complaints and reports through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report or through the Ministry's website.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018