Trade and Investment Combination is Working on Setting up a Consolidated E-Platform to Serve Investors and Entrepreneurs, attract investment and improve the competitiveness level

08 Mar 2017
​Launching as well 15 Centers for Inclusive Service, Offering more than 70 Services for Investors
Trade and Investment Combination is working on launching a Consolidated E-Platform to provide all services needed by investors and entrepreneurs, so that they can start their investment projects and business activities, through linking with all service providers, without the need to attend any government department. This comes under the initiative of “Inclusive Consolidated Service Centers ", which is one of the initiatives launched for the National Transformation Program 2020.
The Trade & Investment Combination is also working on expanding the above mentioned centers in various regions and cities of the Kingdom, where the investors and entrepreneurs need such services, therefore 15 Centers for Inclusive Service would be launched during the coming period.
Notably, the Trade & Investment Combination had launched, during the previous months, five Inclusive Service Centers in Riyadh, Medina, Dammam, Jubail and Jeddah, offering the requested services for investors and entrepreneurs.
This initiative aims to provide all government services to investors and entrepreneurs inside a typical consolidated service centers, taking into consideration the ease of practicing the business activities, as well as removing any obstacles facing the establishment of trade and investment facilities, as this initiative provides a single e-platform to serve all the investor’s need. This would contribute in facilitating and simplifying the procedures and to be fully automated, aiming at stimulating and promoting investment in the Saudi market.
This initiative is of great importance, since it would contribute to improve the Kingdom’s rank worldwide for the ease of starting business or investment activity, as well as increasing the number of small and medium enterprises, also increasing their contribution in GDP from 20% to 35%, it would also contribute in realizing the strategic objectives, such as raising the foreign direct investment, and increasing the satisfaction of domestic and foreign investors.
It is worth mentioning that the Inclusive Consolidated Service Centers offer more than 70 different services for investors and entrepreneurs, to be provided by a number of government authorities, including the Trade & Investment Combination, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Department of Zakat and Income, Passport Department, Human Resources Fund (Hadaf).
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018