The Ministry of Commerce in Najran Carried out more than 2,650 Inspection Tours to Ensure the Continuity of Providing Food Supply and Services to the Consumers by the Commercial Establishments

06 Apr 2020


 During the period from 15 March to 05 April, MCI inspection teams in Najran Region monitored and followed up the commercial establishments to ensure the continuity of their work in providing food supply and services to the consumers, and to verify their commitment to consumer’s protection regulations.

The 2,650 inspection tours aimed at intensifying control over the food stores and warehouses, commodities, food products and consumables outlets, including groceries, hypermarkets, meat and fish stores, vegetables and fruits markets, bakeries, and fuel stations. Meanwhile, 27 violation notices were released, 41% of which are relevant to exaggeration in prices. Consequently, immediate fines were imposed against the violators.

The inspection tours included Najran, Sharurah, Habbouna, Khabbash, Thar, Al-Hussainiya, Sultana, Yadmah, Al-Khalda, Badr Al-Janoub, Al-Khaniq, Muhammadiyah, and Bir Askar.

The Ministry of Commerce confirmed that the work in these facilities is running smoothly, in terms of the availability and abundance of goods, and the necessary food supplies to the consumers. 

The Ministry of Commerce urges all citizens and residents to use the electronic food delivery applications, registered with Communication & Information Technology Commission, for ordering all their food supplies during the whole day, and not to leave their houses except for the extreme necessity. This is to preserve their health and the safety of others, and this is in compliance with the wise leadership instructions and orders.

The Ministry of Commerce continues to receive the consumers’ complaints and reports round the clock through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the Ministry’s website.

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Last Modified 07 Apr 2020