MCI Launches the Service of Registering the Commercial Agencies Electronically

10 May 2015
​MCI has launched the service of issuing and renewal of commercial agencies records electronically through the official website of the Ministry. This service allows submitting and following up the application of registering the commercial agencies without the need to attend the Ministry.
This service enables all the beneficiaries of submitting the application of registering a new agency or amending any returned request by attaching the required documents through the website, in addition to applying for renewal, modification and abolishing of commercial agencies, and know the status of each request, whether accepted or rejected. 
MCI would like to emphasize its ongoing pursuit to develop the electronic services by using the latest technology that meets the needs of the commercial and industrial sector in the Kingdom. This will have great effect on the strength and durability of the national economy.
MCI calls on those interested, to access the commercial agencies e-portal, to visit the link: click here
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018