MCI, a Citizen Report Leads to the Closure of a Store Selling Large Quantities of " Aluminum Phosphide "

05 Mar 2014
​This comes as a Continuation of the Control Rounds and Responding to the Complaints Regarding the Deadly Substance
A report from a citizen had Led MCI to detect a pesticides shop south of Riyadh, where large quantities of the killing pesticide " aluminum phosphide " found inside. All quantities had been seized, with the closure of the shop  and the owner was summoned for investigation and taking  the legal procedures against such violations which may compromise a Trade Covering. 
The details of the case go back to a complaint from a citizen received by the MCI Reporting Center stating his observation about the presence of large quantities of " Aluminum Phosphide " in the shop, where the  Control Teams proceeded immediately to the site and  verified the report and seized the existing quantities, the worker initially refused to cooperate with the Control Teams and did not allow them to enter the warehouse  arguing that it is dangerous to access the site.
As it turns out that the worker does not have any I.D. and he is not under the sponsorship of the Est.  , and he does not have any licenses conferred selling such serious substance, which led to the closure of the shop and the confiscation of all the violating quantities and take the statutory procedures against the owner of the shop.
MCI addresses the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Labor to verify the  regularity of the mentioned  shop in selling pesticides, and to take action against the worker who violates the system of Residence and Labor.
It is worth mentioning that MCI is coordinating with the Ministry of Interior and the concerned authorities to regulate the handling and use of pesticides, including " Aluminum  Phosphide ."
MCI had announced the implementation of Field Control Rounds on a number of shops selling pesticides in various regions of the Kingdom, in order to make sure of the absence of " Aluminum Phosphide " This killing substance when exposed to moisture sends deadly gas called " phosphine " a flammable colorless gas, and it is one of the toxic gases that spreads easily in every place, MCI ordered the concerned shops signing written commitment not to sell such substance.
This comes as a continuation of the Ministry's keenness to protect the consumers from the dangers of the harmful chemicals, and to ensure that they would not reach the markets and to punish the violators.
The Ministry said at the time that it would continue its inspection campaigns on the shops,  respond to complaints in this regard, confiscate all seizures and impose penalties against those involved .
The Ministry stresses that it will not tolerate with those selling such substances that threaten the health and safety of the consumer.
MCI calls on all the consumers to report on the shops selling " phosphine " through the Report  Center in the Ministry on the phone No.  800 124 1616.
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