MCI Continues to Implement Inspection Tours on Auto Agencies

04 Apr 2016
Ministry of Commerce and Industry resumed the inspection tours on auto agents, distributors and maintenance centers earlier this week.

MCI inspection tours try to ensure the absence of violations to the Commercial Agencies Law, which stipulates the need of providing spare parts at sales outlets and maintenance centers, to be displayed and written in Arabic in a prominent place, it is necessary as well to clarify that the duration of a car warranty is not less than two years, and to be included in the warranty booklet, or written on the bill.

The said law requested the auto agencies to receive the service order in writing, and to be committed to the maintenance period, to be within seven days from the date of submitting the order, stating as well the completion date, also  securing a replacement vehicle for the consumer in case of delayed maintenance.

Concerning the sale of a new car, it is necessary for the agent to be committed to the car delivery date in a written document signed by the two parties, the agent and the consumer.

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