MCI Held an Exhibition under the Title “Know Your Right”, attended by 6,000 Visitors in 3 days

04 Mar 2018
Concurrently with the Gulf Consumer Week, 25 thousand Awareness Leaflets were distributed by MCI at Al-Bujairi area, in Diriya Riyadh

Last week, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment held an Awareness Exhibition at Al-Bujairi area, in Diriya, concurrently with the occasion of the Gulf Consumer Week. This is to raise awareness of the consumers’ rights.

The exhibition, which was held over three days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), included several awareness messages aimed at enhancing the principle of rights, besides making the consumer and trader aware about the sale and purchase process, also enhancing transparency and clarity in business transactions, and protecting the consumers against deception, fraud and price differences.

The number of visitors to the said exhibition exceeded (6000) visitors of both men and women. More than (25000) leaflets were distributed, presenting and defining the rights of consumers, such as: The conditions for the application of warranty on electrical and electronic devices, and mechanisms of returning and replacement, the conditions of invoices, the consumer’s right to know the price and not to overstate Goods' prices.

The illustrations of the consumer’s rights attracted the attention of the visitors, who preferred to take photographs with them. The awareness campaign included phrases such as: “Know Your Right”, which is the main title of the campaign, that bear several messages to raise awareness of the consumer’s rights, another phrase says: “Do not Ask How Much”. This is to adhere placing the price tag on all products clearly and readable, also “Take the Rest”. This is to inform the consumer of his right to take parts of the riyal in coins at the time of purchase, as well as “The Guarantee is for Two Years” to ensure that the guarantee of electrical and electronic appliances is two years, Less is a violation.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been  interacting with the consumers, and make them aware of their rights through media, exhibitions, events, inspection and control campaigns. MCI has already allocated a Consumer Call Center (1900) to receive the complaints and reports of consumers, in addition to the application of a Commercial Violation Report and using the official MCI website to lodge as well complaints and reports.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018