The Real Estate Shareholding Commission Calls for the Shareholders of Mut`eb Al Muqbil to Update their Data

04 Mar 2014

MCI Real Estate Shareholding Commission called all the shareholders  of Mut`eb Al Muqbil subsidiary of Mut`eb bin Abdul Aziz Al Muqbil and partner for real estate investment to update their data and to hand over the official documents that prove their rights in the shareholding to the nearest branch of the Arab National Bank in various cities in the Kingdom so as to start controlling the shareholders and to pay back what could be collected from the shareholders' money .

The said Commission considered this as a final announcement and it would be free from  any responsibility if the shareholder is late over sixty days from the date of the announcement, it should be noted that the data must be filled on the website of the Arab National Bank , before heading to the bank , or visit the website of the said Commission on the link, for any queries you can call the Consolidated No. of the Bank 920 001 535.
The Commission explained that it would continue its work in terms of selling the lands of the real estate shareholding after finishing the legal and accounting works  related to these shareholdings through direct sale  or by  auctions in preparation for closing the file of any outstanding contribution tripped  for many years and to pay back the due amounts to the shareholders. 
The said Commission published a new list on its website containing the names of 1915 shareholders who did not receive their due amounts from the liquidated shareholdings through the General  Secretariat of the Commission or through the supervising  offices of the liquidators, calling on the shareholders to visit the site of the Commission and ensure that there are due amounts for them and then contact the nearest branch of Al Bilad Bank in various cities of the kingdom so that their money could be transferred  directly .
It is worth mentioning that the Commission had carried out a public auction on what had been remained  of the two schemes of Jawharat Al Muqbil in Majma`a and Durrat Al Jouf in Skaka, the said Commission is still working for getting back the rights of the shareholders from the owner.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018