Half Million Users of "Sale" Online Application, the Number of Products Offered for Sale Exceeded 4 Million Items, as announced by MCI

03 Dec 2017
“Sale” Website Provides the Consumers with the Licensed Sale and Promotions
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment announced that the number of users of “Sale” online application reached more than half a million. Thus the consumers are able to review online the commercial sale and promotions licensed by the Ministry. Meanwhile, the licensed products and commodities, offered for sale through this application, exceeded 4 million.

The number of shops authorized or given licenses for sale amounted to 1168 establishments from different parts of the Kingdom.

The top products offered for sale were as follows: clothes, children accessories, perfume, sport items, footwear, household appliances, cosmetics, watches, jewelry, furniture, home improvement tools & equipment, finishing supplies, bags, health items, personal care and glasses.

“Sale” online application is the main source for identifying and knowing all the licensed and updated sale and promotions in the Kingdom, by searching directly through MCI database.

This application aims to save the time and effort of the consumers, during searching for the appropriate sale, as well as to protect the consumers against the delusory or unreal sale. This application is being developed and operated by Thiqa Business Services Company, under the supervision of MCI.

“Sale” online application has many features, such as searching for any consuming products on sale, also the percentage of such sale, as well as the validity of the sale, besides enabling the consumers to reach the sale sites by accessing GPS service. 

"Sale" online application can be accessed through “Apple” Store, as well as “Google Play” or through the website, link (sales.sa​)

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018