Pipe Insulator Factory shut down for Forging the Country of Origin from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait

03 Nov 2015
Seizures Amounted to 20 thousand Fake Pieces
MCI Inspection Teams had shut down a factory producing pipe insulator in Riyadh. This is due to its involvement in forging the country of origin from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, as detected and monitored by MCI inspectors, besides the expiration of the industrial license, also the absence of any external sign showing the factory activity. The owner was summoned by MCI for investigation and taking the legal penalties against violators.
This came as a result of the inspection rounds conducted by MCI inspectors on the industrial projects in the Second Industrial District, south of Riyadh, in order to follow up its works and to ensure the absence of any fraud or manipulation practices on consumers.
Nearly 20 thousand pieces of fake pipe insulator were seized, while the case was referred to the Commission of Considering the Industrial Violations in the Ministry, which is competent in issuing the administrative penalties against factories in violation, where it had taken an immediate decision to close the factory, until doing the necessary amendments and removing the related consequences.
MCI would like to emphasize that it will follow-up all factories and production lines in all regions of the Kingdom, in order to verify the conformity of production lines with the standard  requirements, and to monitor any abuses or attempts to cheat the consumers.
MCI stresses as well that it will not tolerate in imposing the legal penalties against offenders and those involved in counterfeiting.
MCI calls on all consumers to report their complaints and observations through the toll free number 1900, or by making a Commercial Notification.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018