MC Cracks Down on Illegal Labor Making Counterfeit Incense from Wood and Repackaging Expired Oils

02 Jun 2023

​Field inspection teams of the Ministry of Commerce in the Makkah Region have made a significant bust, apprehending a group of illegal workers of Asian nationality. These individuals were found to be involved in fraudulent practices, manufacturing counterfeit incense using wood residues, tampering with apple vinegar products by repackaging them with oils of unknown origin, and repackaging rice in bags with falsified production dates.

Consequently, the Ministry closed down the non-compliant premises and summoned both the site owner and unauthorized workers. This decisive action aims to ensure that appropriate legal measures are taken against them in accordance with the regulations outlined in the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law.

Furthermore, the Ministry conducted a raid on a farm located in the region, uncovering a network of illicit activities. The farm, consisting of four warehouses, was found to contain a staggering 2 tons of counterfeit incense products. Shockingly, these products were manufactured using wood pieces sourced directly from trees within the same farm premises. Moreover, the counterfeit incense was mixed with products of unknown origin. 

Additionally, the Ministry's inspectors seized more than three tons of expired rice that was being unloaded, repackaged, and prepared for sale. They discovered 14,000 bottles of vinegar that had exceeded their expiration dates. These bottles were repackaged, and the production dates were altered to mislead consumers into believing they were purchasing fresh products.

In response to these unlawful activities, the Ministry of Commerce reaffirms its commitment to combatting violators of the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and implementing the corresponding legal penalties. The law stipulates punishments that can include imprisonment for up to three years, fines of up to one million Saudi Riyals, or both, along with public exposure of the offenders' actions. 

To ensure the continuous enforcement of consumer protection measures, the Ministry urges all consumers to report any violations of consumer protection regulations through the "Commercial Complaint" mobile application or by contacting the complaint center at the number 1900. 

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Last Modified 04 Jun 2023