MCI: issuing discounts licenses "electronically" is mandatory starting from the beginning of the new year

01 Oct 2016
​The Ministry of Commerce and Investment announced that the commercial discounts licenses will be obligatory on establishments and companies, and can be issued electronically at the beginning of the new Hijri year 01/01/1438 AH, as part of its efforts to facilitate trade procedures which will contribute to the development of trade and investment work environment in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.The ministry in cooperation with Thiqah for Business Services established an electronic service for discounts including an E-portal to apply for discounts and issue the necessary licenses through the link

The service allows the dealer to apply for discounts' license in all regions of the Kingdom and attaches the necessary documents - without the need to personally visit the ministry or chambers of commerce - through an easy and straightforward procedures that save time and effort. The dealer can now issue the license immediately, print it, access the information of any discounted product and extend the time of the discounts once within the legible period allowed. Moreover, The license can be verified through the QR appearing on the license sheet.

In the past, the procedures for obtaining a discount license required manual application at the Ministry branch, 15 days before the discount season. Moreover, the discounted items can only be verified manually, and the printed license can be obtained at the Chamber of Commerce.

The ministry confirms that it will stop the active discount license issued from chambers of commerce and will limited it to the website only.

The consumer can be acquaintance with the licensed for discount shops list through this service.

Is worth noting that obliging the establishments- wishing to announce discounts - with a license from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment before the discount season, is part of combating commercial fraud system.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018