MC keeps an eye on the prices of commodities and performs 99,000 price monitoring tasks Kingdom-wide in a single week

01 Sep 2022


The Ministry of Commerce has continued to perform stringent inspection visits in each region in order to protect consumer rights and monitor product prices. The inspectors have ensured that a diverse range of consumables is available.

In the span of one week, the inspectors were tasked with carrying out 3,846 visits and 99,600 monitoring assignments for the pricing of supply commodities over the entirety of the Kingdom. On-the-spot penalties were meted out to violators. 

The purpose of the inspection visits is to maintain reasonable levels of commodity prices, to guarantee that sufficient supplies of the products are available, and to investigate the availability of alternative products in order to foster an atmosphere of fair and equal competition that has a beneficial effect on all consumers.

In order to fulfill its duty of ensuring that prices for all 266 essential supply commodities across the Kingdom are kept under close watch, the Ministry makes use of an online tracking system. Any unwarranted increases in price are flagged by the system, which then initiates the appropriate actions in response.

Consumers are strongly encouraged to report violations either via the "Commercial Violation" app or by calling the toll-free (1900).

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Last Modified 04 Sep 2022
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