1259 Inspection Tours Carried out by MCI Inspectors at the Holy Places to Verify the Quality and Validity of Food Supplies

01 Sep 2017
As part of MCI efforts and keenness to protect the pilgrims against the corrupted and expired goods, the inspection teams have carried out 1259 inspection tours from 01.12.1438 to 09.12.1438, to verify the quality and validity of foodstuffs and consuming items offered to pilgrims and to ensure the absence of any fraud, cheating or manipulation.

Meanwhile, MCI field tours included 899 bakeries and booths selling bread and pastries, also 360 refrigerated vehicles loaded with foodstuffs at the Holy Places.

MCI field inspection tours resulted by the seizure of 67,287 corrupted foodstuffs and consuming items. The necessary penalties were imposed on the violators, besides issuing 212 direct fines.
MCI field inspection teams are monitoring and controlling the consuming items, throughout the Holy Places, to verify their validity and how far they are suitable for the human consumption, as well as to check the quality and the prices.

MCI inspection teams continue to carry out the tasks entrusted to them in this Hajj season, such as supervising and monitoring the sales outlets, to verify the validity of food supplies and consuming items and their conformity with the standard specifications. Besides ensuring the validity of tires and auto oil and their conformity to standard specifications as well, also checking and calibrating the fuel pumps to verify their quality and safety, in addition to monitoring the fuel prices.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018