"MCI" capture group of workers who violated the law by counterfeiting trademarks, seized official seals and documents with the suspicion of commercial concealment

01 Sep 2016
Raided a place specially equipped for fraud and counterfeiting
The Ministry of Commerce and investment continued their supervision campaigns to pursuit those who involved in fraud and counterfeiting. The inspection teams capture a group of workers who violated the law by counterfeiting trademarks at Ad Dirah - center of Riyadh. An Official document, bills and significant amount of money were seized along with official stamps and leases that have a suspicion of commercial concealment.

It also seized warranty cards of well-known brands, and thermal printing devices used in acts of fraud and counterfeiting.
The ministry shut down the violating place and referred the involved workers to the official authorities to apply the statutory penalties against them.

The total number of the seized items were more than 40.000 counterfeit pieces, accessories, and glasses.
This comes within the framework of the regulatory tours carried out by the ministry on the warehouses, and all the facilities, to ensure the legality of their work, and combat fraud practices, consumers deception, and exploitation of the sale and marketing of counterfeit and adulterated products in cooperation and coordination with the joint security campaigns.
The Ministry of Trade and Investment announce that there will be no tolerance in applying the regular penalties on violators and those involved in the practice of fraud and counterfeiting.

The ministry calls on the consumers to report their complaints and observations to the consumers' call center in the ministry on this number 1900 , or through the application of "commercial Report."
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