MCI Announces Recalling 151 Ford Vehicles (Models 2012 to 2014) in the Kingdom for the Existence of a Technical Defect

01 Sep 2014
American Ford Motor Company, in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, has carried out a campaign for recalling 151 Ford cars in the kingdom, due to a technical defect in the right shock absorber. The campaign includes recalling the models from 2012 to 2014 for the following types: Taurus, MKS, MKT, Flex, EDGE, MKX, and the cars of the Public Security (Police Interceptor Sedan).
MCI pointed out that it will publish the details of this campaign later, explain the workmanship defect, the numbers of the affected cars chassis and the mechanism of communication with the local agent for repairing the defect free of charge. 
The following table summarizes the models, the number of the affected vehicles and the workmanship defect:
From               to
2013               2014
Problem in the right
Shock absorber of the
2013               2014
2013               2014
2013               2014
2012               2014
Police Interceptor Sedan
2013               2014
151 Cars


MCI calls on the clients, who are included by the announcement of "Ford Motors", to communicate with the local agent (Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies), through the Unified Number: (920 025 678) to make the necessary repairs free of charge. 

The Ministry emphasizes that it is working through continuous communication with the International Auto Companies and the Local Agents in the kingdom, and it is carefully monitoring and following up the coordination of cars recalling campaigns that show workmanship defects. This is as an extension of its role in protecting the consumers. 

Previously, the Ministry had published a number of car recalls for different models of the company, due to the presence of workmanship defects that necessitated the repair by the local agent for free.

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