MCI Monitors the Elections of the Eastern Chamber of Commerce & Industry in seven Cities

01 Feb 2018
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment, in cooperation with representatives of the Council of Chambers, supervised the elections of the 18th Session of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Eastern Region, which was held in seven cities from Sunday to Thursday.

The polls run smoothly despite the large number of voters who have come to cast their votes.

MCI working team, which consists of more than 40 people, supervised the election process, which was started last Sunday in the provinces of Khafji, Nairiya, Ras Tanura, Jubail, Qatif and Abqaiq for two days before moving to the election headquarters at Dhahran Exhibition Center from Tuesday to Thursday.

MCI working team supervised the organizational process that goes through three phases: checking the voters' papers, then activating the election cards and finally the voting phase.

For his part, MCI Undersecretary of Internal Trade Abdul Salam Al-Mana’a expressed his happiness and optimism regarding all candidates who presented distinctive election programs that will contribute to enhancing and promoting the development process in this noble country.

H. E. Al Mana’a added: "I have noticed that all candidates are keen to compete and win the elections, bearing the desire to provide a voluntary service to their country through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry."

H.E. Al-Mana’a pointed out that the active participation of all candidates and the great and sincere competition among them is a great gain for this generous country and for the Eastern Chamber of Commerce, and that working with such exalted goals is the real gain. Today everyone has won the patriotism and there is no loser in this election. All participants have the chance to participate and introduce themselves and their programs and goals for serving this country.

H.E. Al Mana’a pointed out that all the candidates are distinguished talents who are eager and ambitious to develop the Eastern Chamber of Commerce and the private sector. This goes in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

H.E. Al-Mana’a expressed his pride and gratitude regarding the progress of the elections in the Eastern Chamber of Commerce, especially the efforts exerted by the Ministry's working team.

At the end of his speech, H.E. Al-Mana’a expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Eastern Region Principality, the Regional Police and the Traffic Department for their constructive cooperation that contributed in the success of this important event.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018