Ministry of Commerce and Investment Calls on the Opinions of the Public about the Proposal of Trade Franchise System

01 Jan 2017
​Based on the principle of transparency and participation, MCI calls on those interested and the public to express their opinions and suggestions about the proposal of trade franchise system, which is under preparation and study by the ministry, as part of its endeavor to improve the trade and investment environment to be in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 AD, and to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership.
This proposal reflects the importance of creating a special system for the activities of the business franchise in the Kingdom, in order to fill the legislative gap, as well as to achieve main regulatory policies, such as providing legal protection to the owners and donors of the franchise, besides identifying their basic rights, also establishing the principle of "Contracting Freedom", and to keep the franchise donors and owners in the Kingdom informed about the best international practices, in addition to increasing the goods and services offered in the Kingdom, more over encouraging the foreign investment.
MCI has prepared the said proposal after reviewing the most appropriate global expertise, and after selecting the best practices, in order to ensure having a system that meets the needs of franchise owners and donors in the Saudi market.
MCI calls on those interested and the public to have access and review the said proposal through the following link: Click Here, and then express your opinion through the following e-mail: (, before Sunday, 27/4/1438 H corresponding to 25 / 1/2017 AD.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018