What are the conditions for reserving a name for Gulf nationals without residency?

This is done by visiting the Ministry's branches and business centers or via the digital branch and bringing the following:

• A copy of the national identity of the Gulf investor and a copy of the passport.
• The investor must be over 18 years old.​

I would like to issue a commercial registration with a commercial name.. What is the procedure?

​This is done electronically in two steps: reserving the name and then issuing the register with the reserved name via:

https://mc.gov.sa/ar/eservices/Pages/ServiceDetails.aspx?sID=1 ​​

During the reservation of the trade name, the electronic response is that the name is not Arabic.. What is the procedure?

​A new name must be submitted, provided that it is Arabic​

What is the way to add an existing name to an organization?

1- The customer can issue the registry with the same trade name based on the main registry without reserving a name
2- If the activity differs from the existing registry in the main registry, the customer must reserve a trade name due to the different activity.​

What is the way to obtain a foreign trade name?

​​According to the trade names system, it is prohibited to reserve a non-Arabic trade name except for a branch of a foreign company that has a foreign investment license.​

Is it allowed to re-book a commercial name that was previously reserved and the prescribed reservation period has expired?

​It is allowed to re-book the trade name if it is available​

How do I know the availability of a trade name?

This is done electronically through two steps: 

1. Inquiry about the trade name.
2- Initial inquiry before submitting an application to reserve a trade name.​

When reserving a trade name, all suggestions are rejected.. What is the reason?

The system determines the reasons for rejection electronically when querying for each name, for the following reasons:
2- The trade name is not Arabic.
3- Trade name is prohibited.
4- The trade name has already been registered.
5- The trade name is similar and identical to an existing commercial registry.
6- The trade name is family.​

How to reserve a rejected trade name online?

​The system provides for the rejected application 30 days to submit the objection through the electronic system.​

If the trade name is approved, is it allowed for the shop owner to write the name in English only without adding the Arabic language?

​The regulations do not allow this, and the beneficiary must abide by the name stipulated in the commercial register. The municipality is checking​

Why is it not allowed to register an English trade name but with Arabic letters?

​The system stipulates that foreign names are not registered and the customer can register it as a trademark only to preserve his rights and fame.​

What is the method for reserving a trade name for a Gulf citizen?

• The service is provided through the Ministry's branches and business service centers and requires the submission of:
• The national identity of the Gulf investor and a copy of the passport and residency.
• Date of birth of the investor.
• To be over 18 years old.​

I have a trade name for a contracting activity and would like to use the trade name for a different activity?

​A new trade name must be reserved to practice the activity.​

I reserved a trade name and it was accepted and I do not wish to use it.. What should I do?

A commercial name request is canceled through the following steps:
1- Submitting a notification requesting cancellation of the name.
2- Call the unified number of the Ministry 1900.​

What is the method of implementing the trade name reservation service?

This is done electronically by reserving a trade name and then entering through the unified national access for those who have a national identity, and it is stipulated that:
1- Age over 18 years.
2- Not to be a government employee.​

What is the response period for the trade name?

​within 24 hours (one business day).​

What is the mechanism for reserving a foreign trade name?

A visit is made to one of the Ministry’s branches or business centers, and it is for foreign companies after obtaining a foreign investment license, and it is required:

1- A license from the Ministry of Investment
2- The commercial register of the company owned abroad​

What are the steps to reserve a trade name for a foreigner?

1- Bringing the company’s register from the mother country, translated into Arabic, along with the trade name (this condition applies to branches of foreign companies only)
2- Bring a valid license from the Ministry of Investment
3- The original national ID or a copy certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Saudi Embassy
4- The presence of the personal owner, legal agent, or delegate to the Ministry of Investment
5- Verify the availability of all required documents and the integrity of the agencies
6- Giving a grace period to the customer to use the trade name, which is 60 days until the commercial registration is issued​

What are the conditions for reserving a foreign trade name?

1- A license from the Ministry of Investment
2- The commercial register of the company owned abroad​

How is a trade name reserved for associations?

This is done through the Ministry's branches, business centers and the digital branch, and it requires:

1- The association’s letter to reserve a trade name
2- A letter from the association confirming the approval of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to register the name in favor of the association
* (Trade names are not reserved for establishing new associations)
3- The register is issued based on the name in the letter of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development​


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