Community Participation Policy


Community participation has gained great importance nowadays, since it has various mechanisms that allow citizens to make contribution and express their opinions by choosing the appropriate mechanism for them, also it does ensure that their views and proposals are communicated to all decision-making parties.
The Ministry of Commerce is keen to supervise and review all online posts before publishing, in order to ensure adherence to the Kingdom’s laws in this regard, and to raise the levels and contents of dialogue to achieve the required goals. The Ministry also has the right not to publish or delete whatever it considers to be inconsistent with its policy or with the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and without being obligated to do so. It should be clear that the Ministry or its employees or representatives will not be legally responsible in any way for the consequences of publishing comments, ideas or notes through its websites.
Conditions and Controls for Community Participation
Online posts must adhere to the laws of the relevant country.
Online posts should be written in clear language.
Not sending the online post more than once.
Refrain from writing any offensive phrases.
Online posts should be serious, objective, clear and short.
Not publishing personal data, such as names, contact information and addresses.
Avoid misusing the Ministry’s official website available for online posts, in a way that affects its performance, safety level, speed or continuity.

The Authority Concerned for  Supervising Online Participation:

The party specialized in supervising the online posts and consultations of the public participation, regarding the development of Regulations & Legislations, varies according to the nature of the Rules & Regulations, where a team of specialists is assigned before launching of each survey. Meanwhile, regarding sharing or delivering any ideas through other channels of online posts or consultations, then the responsible party for that is the ​Department of Planning and Business Development.

​To view the electronic participation regulations on the Digital Government Authority website, click here​​

Last Modified 19 May 2024
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