The Public participation in Developing Laws and Regulations

​​Based on the principle of participation and transparency, the Ministry of Commerce has prepared and developed a number of commercial Rules & Regulations that aim to improve the legislative environment. The Ministry has been trying consistently to involve and share the public in such regulations by urging them to express their views and opinions via the Ministry’s e-platform, which displays the proposals and surveys the public’s views. Notably, the public and specialists’ opinions have contributed to the development of More than 38 laws, regulations and legislations that had formally launched during the years 2018 and 2019, the most prominent of which are: E-Commerce Systems, Commercial Mortgage Law, Insolvency Law, The Commercial Franchise, The Professional Companies and others.

The Stages of Public Participation in Decision-Making, relevant to Developing Rules & Regulations:

First: Presentation
A draft of the Rules or Regulations is prepared by the Ministry’s specialists.

Second: Publishing
The draft of the Rules or Regulations is presented through the e-portal and the social media of the Ministry of Commerce, besides sending direct messages to the groups concerned with the Rules & Regulations, in addition to publishing a relevant news through (SANA) the Saudi Arabian News Agency and other media, containing a copy of the R&R and a special form for expressing opinions or comments.

Third: Collecting E-Posts
A special e-mail is assigned to receive the responses, opinions and comments of the public, relevant to the proposals during the time limit, which varies from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of the proposal and the number of its articles.

Fourth: Analysis of Posts
After the end of the public survey period, MC officials shall prepare a schedule containing the articles, opinions and suggestions to be studied by MC specialists.

Fifth: Taking and Announcing the Decision
Any necessary amendments on the articles are approved by MC officials, then the Rules or Regulations to be published through the official e-portal and social media of the Ministry of Commerce and the Saudi Arabian News Agency (SANA) and other various media.

Sixth: Closing the Discussion and Making Archiving
After the stage of announcing the decision, the subject of the discussion is officially closed and all relevant documents are archived.

The following are the most prominent Rules & Regulations that have been recently approved, and the opinions of the citizens and those interested have certain influence on them:​

In the year 2020 AD

In the year 2019 AD

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Last Modified 04 Jan 2022
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