His Excellency the Minister’s tweet becomes a huge workshop for a large commercial and development debate

​His Excellency the Minister of Commerce extended an invitation to the citizens through his Twitter account at the last hour of 2019, to present ideas and visions that contribute to developing the Ministry's performance, and improving as well its services. His Excellency wrote: “If you were the Minister of Commerce and Investment or the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, what are the decisions that you would take in 2020 AD​? ". Consequently, more than 12000​ participation and interactions were received from those interested parties. These answers were studied and analyzed scientifically and had been transformed into development ideas for services and projects that may contribute to improving the commercial environment.

Publishing Channel: His Excellency the Minister’s account, and the Ministry’s Twitter account.

Adoption of Participations: Urging the public to express their opinions and views, aiming at developing business in the Ministry, and to adopt these ideas and turn them into projects.

How the Public Responded: The citizens and those interested interacted directly with His Excellency's tweet by expressing their ideas, opinions and proposing quality proposals.

Results: The tweet, through which a huge workshop for a large commercial, investment and development debate was launched on Twitter, met an unprecedented interaction, exceeding 12 thousand responses, through which the readers practiced their role as if they were the Ministers of Commerce. They drew a road map, which included many ideas, proposals and suggestions they would like to launch during 2020 AD.

The Executive Action Plan of the Ministry included nine main hubs. The business sector makes up the largest percentage of such hubs by 60%, followed by Anti-Commercial Concealment 19%, then general proposals 5%, after that the consumer sector 5%, then the investment sector by 4%, then chambers of commerce 3%, development of small and medium enterprises 2%, raising the efficiency of engineers 1%, and finally the customer services also by 1%.

Immediately, the Ministry’s account interacted by responding to the development partners. They were informed about what had been done regarding their views and proposals that have turned into decisions and projects to improve the commercial environment and the Ministry’s services, including, for example:

Last Modified 01 Apr 2020
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