Initiatives and Services for Youth

​The General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises "Monsha’at" is keen to create a stimulating and enabling environment for young entrepreneurs who have creative ideas. This is to create a leading community by supporting ambitious entrepreneurs. Thus achieving an increase in the rates of establishing new companies. GASME also seeks to adopt innovation and motivate promising young people to exert all efforts and to be available in various fields, especially in the field of business and small and medium enterprises sector that the Ministry relies on to support the economic system.​

It is worth mentioning that Monsha'at works diligently to provide programs, services and initiatives that keep pace with the aspirations and passion of young people, including, but not limited to, providing financial solutions​ that stimulate entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises, also bold capital​ that may help to support and invest in emerging projects, besides launching support centers that provide an integrated system of services relevant to training, consulting, counseling, business development services, besides offering new projects to the investors, as well as linking small and medium enterprises with large enterprises in the same economic zone, in addition to the inauguration of entrepreneurship complexes that provide shared work spaces, incubators, accelerators, training and guidance services, more over launching smart centers that contribute to the empowerment of enterprises and providing data and artificial intelligence to the manpower.

To encourage young people and motivate them to adopt e-commerce business, a package of high-quality e-commerce programs has been launched to activate and develop business in the e-commerce sector​ for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises within a sustainable and thriving e-commerce system. Also to provide support with consultations and to help the emerging establishments, “Windows” application has been launched to provide electronic consultation services. As well as to raise the efficiency of entrepreneurs and owners of administrative, financial and technical establishments, Munsha’at Academy has been launched to provide specialized training programs that contribute to the growth, sustainability and prosperity of youth businesses.


Last Modified 10 Nov 2020
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