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Ministry of Commerce Application Development Project​
​ 2020/36
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Achievement Networks Electronics Company​
Supply, installation and operation of the backup system​
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Triangle Tech is a complete one-person company​
Supply and installation of licenses for remote file sharing​​
200939247986​​​2020/66​​Click here​Saudi Arabian Computer Systems Company​​

​​The Ministry of Trade vehicle insurance project - third party insurance​
200939251241​​​2020/70​Click here​
​Al Rajhi Takaful Insurance Company

​Supply and installation of cables and network switches for the data center

201039260613​​2020/75 ​Click hereDar Delta Information Technology Corporation​

Renewal of Click Program licenses
​201139276897 ​2020/82 ​Click here​​​Company excellence for technical services​
​Development of the electronic communication platform

201139276070​​2020/85 ​Click here​ Direct Impact Trading Company​​
​Measuring awareness, satisfaction and confidence of traders

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Telephone Care Company​
​Talent and succession development project​

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Tawars Watson Saudi Arabia Company​
​Renewal of technical support licenses for the application of my services (my card)​
201239285998 ​-
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Zone Trading Company​
​Connecting water to the Ministry of Trade branch project in Jizan
Click here​​​Asala Al Jazeera Company for Trade and Contracting Ltd​
Supplying and printing national and internal flags​​
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Saudi Media Factory Company​
​Trade 4 Liter Metal Bottles​

Click here​Dar Al Safaa Trading Est
Developing the work of the General Administration of Governance​
201239291217​-​Click here
Branch of the Saudi Computer Company Ltd.​
​​​Project review and evaluation of the organizational structure​
201139276800​2020/87​​Click hereTawars Watson Saudi Arabia Company​
​Operating the Technical Office for Project Management and Procedures Engineering
2020/74​Click hereMajmaah University Investment Fund​
Securing and supplying publications (Coach file) with the Ministry's logo​
-​2021/19​Click hereSamha printing company​​
AESEC application on commercial registration data​
​210339319273​​​2021/16​​​Click here
​Muzn Systems for Communications and Information Technology Company
Supplying official papers and publications to the office of His Excellency the Minister​
-​Click here​​Samha printing company​
​​Security guards for the buildings and branches of the Ministry of Commerce
​​210139303285 ​


Click here​Shebla security guard company one person company​

Supply and installation of fabric curtains for the new headquarters of the Ministry (Jeddah + Majmaah + Arar + Al-Jawf)
-​​-​Click here​Moheet Rama Factory for Decoration Materials, owned by Mohamed Mazen Mansour​
​Security guards for some branches of the Ministry of Commerce
Click here​Abdullah Muhammad Al-Rasheed Group for Private Civil Security​
​Operation, maintenance and cleanliness of the Ministry’s branch buildings in Hail, Dawadmi and Al-Kharj, and maintenance and irrigation of agricultural works
-​-​Click here​​Atyaf Support Services Company​
​Operating and developing a call center and handling consumer complaints
-​-​Click here​The perfect display company for commercial services​
​Development of the work of the General Administration of Governance
-​-​Click here​Branch of the Saudi Company for Electronic Computers Ltd​
Operation, maintenance and cleanliness of the Ministry’s branch building in Yanbu and the cleanliness of the buildings of the second group​
Click here​Atyaf Support Services Company​
​Transfer, supply, installation and operation of the Ministry’s branch in Jeddah
​​201239288637 ​​​2020/98 ​
Click here​Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al Mousa Trading Company​
Drafting, designing and printing the annual achievement report of the Ministry of Commerce 2020​
-​-​Click here​Idea Window Office for Services​
Mobile Device Management (MDM)​
​​201039262653​​​2020/76 ​Click here​​Diyar Middle East Information Technology Company​
Project of supplying inks for printers​
​210239307205 ​​​​​09/2021Click here​​Al-Nahl Computer Company​​
Insurance of the Ministry's vehicles (insurance against third parties)​
211039434118​-​Click here​Al-Rajhi Cooperative Insurance Company Al-Rajhi Takaful​
​​Developing an electronic educational platform for employees of the Ministry of Commerce​
-​​​​2021/52​ ​Click here

Silver Ivory Training Center​
​​National Day Video Project
​210839409450​58/2021​ Click here​Akwan Advertising Company Ltd.​​
​Rehabilitation and development of the VIP lounge on the sixth floor​
-​-​Click here​​Design Center Contracting Est​
​Updating the equipment of the monitors with the identity of the Ministry
-​-​Click here​​Quality dress factory for industry
Rehabilitation of women's toilets​
-​-​Click here​Design Center Contracting Est​
Securing and supplying publications and posters of supervisory work for cover-up and commercial fraud
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Ibrahim Muhammad Abdullah Al-Hussein Advertising Agency​
Operation and maintenance of the main ministry building on King Abdulaziz Road in Riyadh, maintenance of agricultural works in the building, maintenance and cleanliness of the customer service center building in north Riyadh and warehouses building on Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Road in Riyadh​
-​​Click here
Union Support Services Contracting Company, one person company​

​Operation and maintenance of the cleanliness of the building of the Ministry’s branch in Buraidah with all its components and accessories, and maintenance of the operation of the garden, irrigation network and indoor plants
-​-​Click here​
Corden Co. Ltd.

Supply and installation of fabric curtains for the new headquarters of the Ministry (Unaiza + Tabuk + Al Ahsa)​
-​-​Click here​Moheet Ramah Factory for Decoration Materials, owned by Mohammed Mazen Mansour
​Consulting services for transportation and selection of tire product for energy efficiency inspection of tire grip on wet surfaces
Click here​Saudi Arabian Peruvtas Testing Services Company
​Renewal of the technical support contract for Cisco devices and systems
-​-​Click here​​Delta Corporation for Information Technology

Launching 5 awareness campaigns to raise consumer and merchant awareness of systems and services
-​-​​Click here​
Akwan Advertising Company Ltd.
The process of supplying and installing visual systems in the office of His Excellency the Minister and VIPs
-​-​​Click here​
Al-Khalidiya Halls Equipment Factory​​
Renewal of the immediate service package 160 + 200 plus Advanced monthly text message and package 200 + 120 Basic plus monthly text message for 500 SIMs for field observers at the Ministry of Commerce
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The Public Communications Company is a one-person company

The process of supplying carpets to the office of His Excellency the Minister​
Click here​​Dar Al Safaa Trading Est
The process of modernization and redistribution of mechanical and thermal insulation systems in the ministry​​
-​-​Click here​Design Center Contracting Est​
​Providing medical insurance service for employees of the Ministry of Commerce
-​Click here​​Malaz Cooperative Insurance Company​


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