MCI toppled a gang promoting counterfeit toys and carpets

18 Nov 2013

Expatriate labors adulterate and promote counterfeit Toys
MCI had toppled a gang from expatriates adulterating toys and Turkish carpets. MCI inspection teams detected the members of the gang inside the factory which was devoted for   producing counterfeit toys and carpets south of Jeddah.  Five thousand fake and adulterated consuming goods were seized as well, the owner of the factory and the foreign labors were summoned for investigation and for applying the legal procedures against them.

The MCI inspection teams had detected the factory producing these items through packaging them with polyester and changing the country of origin for the purpose of marketing them and convincing the consumers that they are produced according to the highest standards and specifications.

This comes within the framework of a sudden inspection tours conducted by MCI field teams in the region to ensure there are no cases of fraud that may harm the consumers.

The field teams of the Ministry and during the inspection tours on warehouses and factories located in Al Khamrah area south of Jeddah, had detected the factory, which was located inside a locked warehouse and it did not carry any external panel.                        

The MCI teams had confiscated  2900 counterfeit  Baby Toys  filled with polyester , packed and ready for sale, in addition to 1,200 children cushions  ready for sale too , all marked with a poster  stating that they are Made in China.
Also 800 pieces of counterfeit  bed sheets bearing  stickers marked (safar), there is no  any data in Arabic and the place of origin is not included , in addition to 37 prayer rugs  filled from the bottom with  polyester inside the factory , packed and written "Made in Turkey. "

Other violations recorded by the MCI inspection teams were, producing blankets, bed sheets, prayer rugs, toys, as well as cushions which do not carry any information about the country of origin, it is written on the products by workers at the factory "Made in China" or "Made in Turkey".

The MCI inspection teams also seized a large quantity of posters bearing the words "Made in Turkey", with the slogan ( safar ) and do not have any data in Arabic , a sample was withdrawn .      
MCI will continue its inspection rounds on warehouses, factories and commercial establishments to ensure their regular work and the absence of fraud practices or exploitation in selling and marketing of any counterfeit or adulterated goods to the consumers.

MCI stressed that it would not tolerate in applying the legal penalties on violators and those involved in the practice of adulteration, and all that endangers the health and safety of consumers.

MCI calls on all consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Report Center at the Ministry on the phone No.  800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018