MCI has confiscated 172 thousand pieces of counterfeit and copied auto spare parts after a raid in Riyadh and Jeddah, the violators have been referred to investigation

12 Nov 2013
MCI Closed two warehouses in Riyadh and  Jeddah   storing large quantities of fake, counterfeit and copied auto parts and special tools for tires which were managed by a foreigner from Arab Nationality , the seizures were more than 172 thousand pieces , all the quantities were confiscated immediately, the owner was called for further investigation at the Ministry`s Headquarter in preparation for bringing the case to the Bureau of investigation and Prosecution, for applying  the official and legal  procedures against him because this is considered a violation of the trademark system , the system of trade data  and commercial anti-fraud system . 
In details, MCI had received information indicating the existence of a warehouse south of Riyadh storing and marketing adulterated and counterfeit auto parts  and special tools for repairing tires in large quantities , MCI inspection teams had moved there immediately  and they were  ascertained about the violation of the warehouse , and that it was involved in  storing and distributing  fake and copied auto parts in the markets, subsequently the quantities were seized and the warehouse was shut down . 

In conjunction with the raid on the warehouse in Riyadh, the MCI control teams were directed to another raid on a warehouse in Jeddah belonging to the same owner, also large amounts of counterfeit and fake auto parts were seized and the warehouse was closed and the necessary legal procedures had been applied.

The seizures included: more than 26320 pressure gauge (car tire caliber)  on the cartons, it was written ( Made in China) and on the parts ( Made in Italy or Made in U.S.A)  and 13,900 cap of tire air pressure. It was written on the external cartons (Made in China) and on the parts inside (Made in Japan) and 11100 tire repair patch, on the cartons, it was written ( Made in China) and on the parts inside (Made in U.S.A.) and 5800 greasing kit, it was written on the cartons (Made in China) and on the parts inside (Made in Germany).   

The seized parts included as well : 40000 cap of tire air pressure on the cartons, it  was written(Made in China) and on the parts inside (Made in Germany)  and 3,500  air pressure gauges (car tire caliber) do not carry any country of origin , and 7000 tire repair patch does not carry a country of origin , and 57000 air hose link does not carry a country of origin also , in addition to 7350 oil and air filters ( Toyota - Nissan ) and AC Delco brands which are all copied and counterfeited. 

It is worth mentioning that MCI has recently implemented a comprehensive campaign on markets through its branches in the Kingdom to confiscate counterfeit, fake and copied electrical and auto parts. Large quantities of these parts were confiscated and destroyed, the involved shops were shut down and the violators were called for investigation.  
MCI stresses that it will not tolerate with those touting fake or counterfeit goods, particularly that threaten the health and safety of the consumer and it will apply the right, official and legal penalties . 

MCI also emphasizes that it will continue the inspection tours on markets, warehouses, shops, factories and all commercial establishments, to ensure their regular work. 

MCI calls for all consumers to report cases of fraud and counterfeiting through the Complaints and Report Center on the phone(800 124 1616).
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018