MCI in an ambuscade toppled the imitators and those copying " Dettol " and " Fairy"

11 Nov 2013

MCI Confiscated nearly 50 thousand of fake and counterfeit packages before entering the market


MCI Closed a Rest House south of Riyadh, after a raid and capturing the labors who are practicing fraud and counterfeiting by copying the sterilizing product " Dettol ".  (26 thousand) plastic bottles were confiscated which were filled through a tank containing a counterfeit product and in a primitive way and contrary to the requirements of health , in addition, they put external stickers on the bottles bearing the original brand of the product labeled " Made in UAE " for offering them  later in the shops.
 All the counterfeit and copied quantities were immediately destroyed by the MCI inspection teams, the owner of the Rest House and the labors were called for further investigation and for applying the legal  procedures against them.
The MCI inspection teams had carried out comprehensive survey on the old factories area south of Riyadh in collaboration with the security authorities, within the framework of their continued rounds, to ensure that there is no fraud in the manufacturing and marketing of products and goods, and to maintain the health and safety of consumers against any counterfeit or copied items.
MCI inspection teams noted that the Rest House was basically devoted to livestock and animals, while one section was  equipped with copying and packing equipment for  " Dettol " product by foreign labors.
The seizures that were confiscated included   more than 15480 Dettol bottles 250 mL ready for sale, 8640 bottles 500 mL, and 1800 bottles 750 ml.
The Inspection teams also confiscated 12 thousand empty bottles of various sizes and 70 thousand posters labeled " Made in UAE ", in addition to the 2000 big carton labeled " Dettol " to keep the products inside and then offer them to the shops .
Meanwhile, the MCI inspection teams conducted, in collaboration with the security authorities, joint comprehensive survey of warehouses in Sulai area in Riyadh , where a counterfeiting for  the famous dish washing liquid " Fairy " was held and seized. The filling was done through a primitive and illegal ways, and then putting original stickers on the bottles, the site was immediately shut down and more than 22 thousand bottles ready for sale were confiscated and destroyed, the warehouse owner and the labors were sent for investigation.
The seizures that were confiscated from the warehouse included : 14800 bottles of "Fairy"  liquid  one liter , and 3000 empty bottles, and 4,000 cartons carrying the tags "Fairy" and 50 000 labels also bearing the same brand to be placed on the bottles , and 1200 counterfeit products of  Dettol.
MCI confirms that it will continue the inspection rounds on markets,  warehouses, shops, and all commercial establishments, to ensure their regular work, and there are no fraud practices, manipulations, or exploitation on consumers by selling them counterfeit or copied products.
MCI stressed that it would not tolerate in implementing the official and legal penalties on violators and those involved in the practice of counterfeiting, and all that endanger the health and safety of consumers. 


MCI calls all consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Report Center at MCI on the phone No.  800 124 1616.         
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018