The Ministry Sets Strict Supervision over Promotions and Discounts

21 Mar 2012
​During the rounds of observers of ministry of commerce and industry on Tuesday, 20/30/2012G,it was observed that one of the trading companies was distributing brochures about discounts on a number of electronic devices. To enjoy these discounts, people have to buy other products with a value of not less than SR999. In case that they want to buy only the devices included in the offer, these devices will be sold according to their original price. As this is considered contrary to what was stated in the license issued regarding making discounts and also contrary to what was stated in the clause (E) of article six of the executive regulation of competition law (making the selling of an article or the offering of a service conditional on the purchase of another article, specific quantity or requesting another service). The observers of the ministry of commerce and industry inspected the company branches and shops in the evening of Tuesday, 20/30/2012G in Riyadh and Jeddah and verified the violation. They were obliged to sell the goods included in the discount section in the license issued to them without any restrictions. The violations were referred to the Council of Competition Protection.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018